As a designer, I use a variety of tools and multifaceted techniques to create my work, including, screen printing, and letter press. I also incorporate multimedia elements such as audio, video, projections, and light design to enhance my creations. My focus on problem solving and storytelling, drives my design process and allows me too create solutions that are both functional and engaging. I strive to push the boundaries of traditional design and incorporate innovative elements into my projects and use my skills and knowledge to craft engaging and thought-provoking works of art. In my work, I aim to create pieces that not only look visually appealing but also convey a message or tell a story. Whether it’s through a series of prints or a multimedia installation, I want my work to inspire and engage audiences in new and exciting ways. Overall, my goal as a designer is to use my skills and creativity to create unique and impactful pieces of art that capture imagination and spark conversation.
2018 Arts for Life, Best Achievement in Lighting Design nominee.
2018 Photographers Forum, Best of College & High School Photography honorable mention 
2016 Earned Rank of Eagle Scout in The Boy Scouts of America
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