Rock of Ages at The Looking Glass Playhouse
Director: Brad Sanker
Set Design Brad Sanker
Lighting Design: Andrew Sanker
This project was uniquely interesting in integrating modern lighting while still producing a classic 80s rock concert style of lighting design. With a mixture of traditional and LED par cans, we are able to accomplish the look of a par can rig while still having the flair of modern lighting. In addition to par cans, Source 4s, and pin lights we had the edition of 16 moving fixtures. The moving fixtures played an important part in adding texture to the stage and having programmed follow spots. with the exception of the final scene, we stuck to using the movers as static fixtures and moving them in the dark so as to not distract from the classic rock feel. The only other exception to this was using them as programmed follow spots instead of having spot ops on follow spots.
In addition to the lighting rig, we used a mixture of upshots, hazers, projections, UV light, high-air pressure fans, and the occasional disco ball to really fill out the stage and melt the faces off of our audience members. The fans allowed us to really get our rocker's hair flying in the wind while staying in a closed space. 


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