The Cecille R. Hunt Gallery is a Webster University-sponsored gallery that works in conjunction with the Dept of Art, design, and art history. While the Hunt Gallery physically lives within the art dept studios, they wanted to broaden their footprint passed Webster's campus and website. The new site design is intended to serve as a digital footprint, Venue if you will, to serve their audiences and find new audiences to serve art to.
The Approach
Thinking about this site as a digital venue, I broke down what/how people view the gallery space. Often galleries, are referred to as a white box space. While often defined as an "old" way of presenting art, I used that terminology in more of a modern clean sense. The gallery primarily shows contemporary works; this is an important element of the gallery. I took the contemporary inspiration and fused it with my interpretation of the "White Box" to build an overall theme.    
Making it easier than ever to support your local gallery
The new site focuses on showcasing and informing gallery patrons of the current season of exhibitions. Additionally preserving past shows in a more accessible digital space that can reach wider audiences.


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