In the world of sewing storage and organization is a big deal. It can turn an hour-long project into a multi-day project purely because you spend 90% of your time searching for materials instead of working.  This project is inspired by a quilter who works with many different colors of thread and can only work on their projects in the little free time they have so things being organized is a big deal for them. They work with many different colors of thread and different size spools with the same and different color threads. In many instances, it is required for them to have multiple spools and bobbins of the same color while sewing parts and they would like to effectively keep them together for better organization.​​​​​​​
     Spools of Different Sizes
Spool Color Examples 
Due to the nature of how the spools are used, they all house an opening in the center that can be used to inject a rod in between them. With the power of 3D printing the ability to create organizers that utilize the spool / bobbin whole is easy and effective. In my final design I added the addition of a cap allowing for the organizer to go in a bag if need be. The cap also allows for a label to be added.
The Solution


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